Nettie Rose Freed is a SAG-AFTRA actress and singer-songwriter born and raised in Santa Monica, California.

Nettie paints pictures of love, renegades and vagabonds in her lyrical, folk inspired music. She learned to play guitar as a kid from renowned teacher and multi-instrumentalist Fred Sokolow and soon they had completed a vast catalog of original songs.

Named in the Music Connection Magazine Hot 100 Unsigned Artists list, a live review of her Nashville show stated of her songwriting, “Hank Williams could be standing in on some of these songs, which, true to their country western form, are careless in their buoyancy, heartfelt in their emotiveness and timeless in their- if not infinite wisdom, then at least relevance.”

She is the granddaughter of Disc-Jockey Alan Freed (credited for coining the phrase “Rock ‘n Roll”) and grew up around the music business in Los Angeles stating, “I’ve always been in love with vintage music and the classics. It’s partly my family’s influence, but also Fred showing me all those old country records, like Flat & Scruggs and Hank Williams Sr.”

Her debut album ”People I Know” is currently on iTunes and she is working on a sophomore release, “Libertas.”

Nettie’s commercial work has included features for Mentos Gum and Wienerschnitzel.

Notably, Nettie appeared as a windswept priestess in the music video, “Siberian Nights” by rock duo The Kills in 2016 (dir. Giovanni Ribisi). The video has garnered over 2.9 million views on Youtube.

Nettie continues to balance her life as a working actress, print model, and musician in her home city of Los Angeles.